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Puppy Tug

So Isaac is 12 weeks old and I have had a tough time finding a good tug for him. Admittedly I haven’t purchased anything officially called a puppy tug, but I do have a Gappay Stitched Leather 3×25cm 2 handles, Gappay Bite Leather with Handle – Large, and a Gappay Rolled Leather 3×25cm Soft that I ordered from Hallmark K9. He likes the bite leather with handle, but it’s what I would call a rag and I want to get him used to a two handled tug (so I can have an option to pursue Ivan Babanov’s Method which he calls the game). The other two handled tugs I have are still to ‘hard’ for his puppy teeth, he likes them but he doesn’t ‘clamp’ on and I don’t want to discourage him liking them in the future by causing any pain.

What follows is my attempt to make a tug the pooch would like. Keep in mind that your puppies sharp teeth could very easily get caught in this tug so be gentle and careful. I think it’s safe to gently use just to get him used to playing in the manner that Ivan uses. This is by no means a toy you want to go crazy with, just be aware that there is potential for teeth to get caught. Not as high a risk as with a rope toy or something similar in my opinion.

I tested this with a towel and a t-shirt and Isaac seemed to like the t-shirt better. So here we go…keep in mind this isn’t that cool, but figured I’d share it anyway.

Step 1: Find a T-Shirt

Thanks to Bill Gates and Microsoft I had a free t-shirt laying around.

Step 2: Cut the sleeve off

I found that if I rolled it with the sleeves on it was a little to thick (especially on the ends of the tug). So I cut the sleeves off.

Step 3: Fold and stitch the sleeves

I folded the sleeves over about an inch and a half an stitched them so that there was a clean edge. The edge was folded the remaining length of the shirt but I didn’t stitch the entire length.

Step 4: Roll the shirt just past the sleeves

I then started rolling the t-shirt (as tight as when I experimented with Isaac; tighter makes it harder and loosely rolling it produces a softer tug). Once I rolled it just past the sleeves I tossed in some rough stitches just to hold it in place (not sure these are required).

Step 5: Roll the shirt the rest of the way

I then rolled the shirt the rest of the way and stitched the end (don’t ask what the stitch is). I simply stitched the thing up however I thought it would hold.

Step 6: Stitch the ends of the tug (Your done)

I stitched the ends of the tug and made sure the length was stitched enough to last a couple weeks. Nothing to complicated just wanted to seal it up so it would come unrolled.

Here is another shot of the finished product. Keep in mind I tried a rolled towel and he seemed to like this a little better. I thought about using zip ties on the end rather than stitching it but figured the plastic might not be too pleasant if he got a hold of it. I also thought about masons string tied around the ends but figured the center section would start to flap and unroll.

I’m know there are different options and know that there is probably a better way to make one of these, but wanted to share this for those who haven’t found the perfect tub for their puppy. Please keep in mind you need to watch those teeth, they are pointy and seem to get stuck in everything!