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Noah’s Helper work progressing

Noah went out to Indian Creek Schutzhund Club to learn a little more about helper work. As you’ll see a little later, my knowledge of ‘good’ helper work is limited, as is my skill. Steve Romard, Bill Kulla, and Terence Williams helped him improve his skill-set and were very encouraging and honest with him which he greatly appreciated. Tim Barth hooked Noah up with a dog to work: Floh vom Rabenturm SchH3 (2011 North Central Regional Champion) as well as a pair of Gappay Scratch pants both of which Noah was very excited for (he’s been wanting scratch pants for awhile). Giant thanks to Tim for the hook up! Noah also worked Isaac vom Geistwasser AKA Marmaduke, which is never as easy as working a trained graceful dog (but Noah insists he work the beast).

As I stated earlier I’m not a helper and have only done helper work once in my life (at a Helper Seminar and NO I didn’t get certified, ALL dogs are probably thankful for that!)

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