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Headphone Project/Mod Sennheiser HD 280 Pro

Noah wanted Dre Beat Solo HD from monster for his birthday – First they are expensive and second the sound quality isn’t as good as the Sennheiser HD 280 Pros. The Beats are close to 200 and the Sennheiser are only 79 bones on The only issue is that they come with a 10 foot ‘old school’ coiled chord, which is nice if you’re plugged-in in the basement pulling tubes, but isn’t very convenient if you plan to be mobile with them. Hence this mod.

I wanted to replace the coiled chord with a shorter straight chord that also detaches (similar to Beats and Bose AE2).

First I had to figure out the wiring and this page was helpful

Which had this critical information


As follows:

Then you need to score the jack from Radio shack, tin the wires and mini jack and solder it all together. Here are some pictures -

If you check out how the propiatary cable is connected you’ll find there are four wire (I ordered a new one as a backup in case this mod didn’t work)

Before you attach the cables to the mini-jack you should tin the wires and the mini jack (there is resin on the cables that tinning removes). I also used a little shrink wrap once finished instead of the cheap plastic that came with the mini-jack from radio shack.

Here is the finished mod – looks sleek and will help prevent the cable being yanked out of the headphone by a 12 year old boy (or I hope) – sound quality is the same.

This is what happens when you drop the soldering iron and try to grab it before it lands in your crotch.

SchH I Rules

I’m pretty sure that this violates some copyright law somewhere, but since the rules are out of date and since it’s only for SchH I (not II or III) I’m going to post them. For those non-schutzhund people out there this is what it takes to pass the Schutzhund I test (all 3 phases Tracking, Obedience, & Protection). For the people out there already involved in the sport order a copy of the rule book here.

Click here to read SchH I rules