Isaac vom Geistwasser

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Noah’s and Isaac are progressing me not so much

Noah spent two days observing and working as a helper for a total of 3 dogs. Isaac got some time on the sleeve, barked from the car, and you can see after 3 years the light bulb has come on! Read more

Little more progress

Isaac got to see the helper 3 times this weekend and has moved past just sitting there staring (he’s 3+ years old). Some of the quotes were

  • “If you believe”
  • “Get your ass out and train that dog”
  • “Quit your bitching and come to training”

I also parked him where he could see the field and the helper working other dogs, he started actually barking and going insane in the crate – used to just sit and stair out the crate watching the grass blow. I’ve kept on his OB, but stopped tracking him in the spring – and stopped working on the dumbbell, guess I need to decide if I’m going to put on my big boy pants and jump in the deep end of the pool or stay at the sprinkler park.

On a side note – Noah is progressing at lightening speed with his helper work! I’m for sure getting a paternity test now….