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Homemade Zamboni

This isn’t dog related – other than Isaac likes thieving and chasing hockey pucks on the ice. Might be useful for those of you out there who are interested in resurfacing their ice

It’s my homemade Zamboni – there are a couple better examples out there, but this was made from stuff laying around the house – only had to buy the rope. Just need to figure out how to get 100 gallons of hot water to the pond – fire pit and metal trash can may do the trick

This one is pretty nice and there is some good info in the comments

Here is another example

The German Shepherd Dog in Word and Picture By V Stephanitz

I’ve got the hardcover version of this book and recommend it!

The German Shepherd Dog in Word and Picture

By V Stephanitz

Noah is working on becoming a helper

Noah went out to Indian Creek Schutzhund Club on Saturday to work with Bill Kulla and Jennifer Acevedo with his new sleeve. We purchased the sleeve from Sound Canine Services ebay store and it fits him very well (Noah’s 11). I would recommend it for young or soft dogs that might be struggling with a trial sleeve, though the surface isn’t as good as jute, it’s also easier to carry. Again if you’ve got a good dog it might not be needed, but if your dog struggles like Isaac in the third phase it’s a definite option. I would also recommend Sound Canine Services as a vendor on ebay.

Prior to going out to Bill and Jen’s Noah got Isaac barking and biting during three different sessions here at the house (two thumbs up). Noah has always been convinced that if he had a sleeve Isaac would bark and bite for him and it turns out he was right. I’ll admit a real helper might just shut him down, but only time will tell. Isaac is biting full, carrying well, and barking (not as good when he’s told to sit and bark for soccer ball). So we’ll see how it progresses. Here is some video of Noah and Isaac (it’s password protected so good luck if I don’t want you to view it)

With Bill and Jen Noah worked Isaac: did a couple escapes and was able to slid the sleeve on as Isaac came around while carrying. He did well – Once we got done with Isaac because my fat ass couldn’t run in circles any longer, Jen brought SG IRMHILD VON DER STAATSMACHT SchH3 “Hilde” and let Noah work her.

Noah started in the blind with the bark and hold and gave some good grips (maybe a little early), he then did 3 escape bites with her, and did a shorter modified long bite (fell over in the snow once), and then did some outs and regrips. Hilde seemed to really enjoy herself and once all the official stuff was over let Noah tug her around the field (they both ended up quite tired). Noah tried to drive both Isaac and Hilde and needs a little work – Isaac is a tard and doesn’t know what to do, and though Hilde cooperated it’s a definite art-form that Noah will need to work on.

Bill commented on Noah’s speed and athleticism, Noah was pretty excited to learn from someone who actually knows what their doing (as opposed to me). Hopefully as Noah gets bigger, stronger, and faster (if that’s possible) he’ll continue to enjoy doing helper work – would be quite handy to have a live in helper :)

On the way home I asked if Noah was nervous and he said “no, because I didn’t know what I was doing so I just figured I’d stand there and do what they told me”. As someone who has actually worn the sleeve (only twice) I know what he means, there’s a lot going on when you’ve got a dog barking or running at you, your holding a stick, covering your wiener, focusing on not falling, listening to instructions, and focusing on not hurting a dog. All in all he held up well and seemed to enjoy himself – He really liked Bill’s new dog Jackson – and Jackson enjoyed Noah’s hat, coat sleeves, ears, and snow pants.