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2010 USA Nationals


Well I’m home and have looked at the few pictures and video I took and will share what I have. First and foremost I’m new to the sport and everything here is my opinion and does not represent or reflect the United Schutzhund Clubs of  America, Indian Creek Schutzhund Club, or the North Central Region. It seems it’s very easy to drum up controversy amongst certain dog people and that is not the intent of this post or this blog for that matter, just sharing the experience I had.

Let’s start with a little video that was posted of Henk vom Hufeisenberg and Andrea Hashimoto Protection 98 pronounced. High protection. Andrea is 16, finished 3rd overall, took high protection and trained her dog herself! For those who don’t know much about Schutzhund this is a full Schutzhund 3 protection routine. Blind search, Front Half (bark and hold, escape, re-attack, rear transport, side transport) and back half, long bite/courage test, re-attack, and side transport. I’ll try and find video of the obedience phase of one of the competitors so you can see that.

Here are the results from the event – Sean O’Kane won with 97/95/97 289

I showed up on Wednesday afternoon to watch the helper selection process and show support for Steve and Don. There are videos of all the helpers out there so posting it here would be redundant, let’s just say that helper work at the event was safe and solid in my opinion and if you disagree you can kiss my hiney bright and shinny!

On Thursday I attended the event as a delegate from Indian Creek Schutzhund Club and as a member of the newly formed Technology Committee, this means I sat through the GBM on Thursday and voted with a purple card and/or secret ballot – I felt so powerful! It was long and at times a little passionate, but was an overall good experience. During the meeting I found out why I own a Droid and not an iPhone, check out the battery the iPhone uses – cumbersome is an understatement.

During the GBM lunch break Jen and I headed over to the stadium to hang out with Steve Romard (front half helper), this is when I first met Olaf Frankemöller. Other than being knowledgeable in the area of dog sport Olaf is one of the funniest people I have ever met in my life! Spent the majority of the next couple days and nights listening to Olaf’s commentary on everything from ‘tails’ to overweight humans :)

Here are some shots of the venue, I found the sign at the entrance to the stadium quite entertaining -

What? "No Animals allowed"

Shot of the flags at the end of the field

We enjoyed some good food at the Rum Jungle Buffet at the Casino Fandango, it was so good we ate there two nights in a row. The atmosphere was quaint and quiet!

Cropped Steve out, claims it wasn't taken from his good side

I gambled one night and won 3 cents :) high roller

Will go through the photos and video from the stadium and will post shortly…….

Found video of the OB phase, this Henk vom Hufeisenberg and Andrea Hashimoto 94 point routine

The following videos are of Maya vom Gilbach and Katie Gillies – fun to watch plus Katie bought me a shot Saturday night! Actually she bought everyone around the blackjack table a shot, she had no idea who I was. Tossed up awesome points and handed out alcohol, what more could one ask for?

Isaac Voted on Nov 2nd

On November 2, 2010 Isaac told Bill Foster to go hump a poodle!