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Isaac and the future –> SchH 1 anyone?

Now that Isaac has passed his BH and seems to be barking a little bit for the sleeve it seems we’ll be moving forward with bite work towards a SchH 1. It seems apparent that we’ll have to do everything through prey drive and he’ll have to be barking for the sleeve as a toy – at this point it seems obvious he’s not going to work for the man. In fact in my estimation at this point the man is just going to shut him down – he’s too soft. He’ll bark for the soccer ball, strike the soccer ball, and even take drive and stick hits from me. Now would he do it for someone else? Also the soccer ball is a lot softer and more pliable than a trial sleeve (but it’s progress).

He’s got a solid bark for the ball and is also barking when people who don’t belong around are around – for example when the ComEd guy showed up at the meter he had a very solid bark, not backing down and would have been interesting if he had gotten out of the kennel. Here is a picture of Isaac and Noah doing some bite work :) It’s Noah’s version of the escape combined with the courage test – the bad part is that he’s not wearing a sleeve (though it hasn’t seemed to curtain this activity – Noah is kind of thick).

So moving forward here’s what needs to occur (in no particular order)

  • Clean up his obedience – begin applying more pressure – automatic corrections (i.e., sit)
  • Make more OB when not doing official obedience (needs to have OB when checking in and receiving critique) did this while at the park on Sunday with kids and Kerry’s friends (on lead entire time)
  • Work on retrieve – start with dowel rod (eventually on flat and over obstacles)
  • Add in the jump and wall (I know he can jump because on walks I have him jump a fence onto a picnic table at pavilion at the park – it’s a meter high)
  • Start doing more longer tracks (these were going well for awhile, but I stopped in the heat of the summer and was too focused on the BH) – of all the phases this is the one Isaac seems to excel the most at
  • Bite work (need to figure out schedule with soccer and training days at ICSC so I can actually do protection work on a regular basis or else it’s going to go nowhere)

The items that will be totally new to Isaac are the retrieve and the wall – he’s had exposure to everything else.

The real challenge is going to be fitting in time to do protection work at the club with the soccer schedule, total nightmare! Need to just get Noah and dog and quick soccer….

Isaac vom Geistwasser BH H.O.T

Isaac is now Isaac vom Geistwasser BH H.O.T – for those non-schutzhund people below in BLUE is the skinny on the BH.

Isaac and I attended the North Central Region Championships hosted by Fox Valley Police & Schutzhund Club which was judged by Frank Phillips, USA. Isaac and I were very late entries due to unforeseen circumstances and I was a little (understatement) nervous showing at a regional event - FVPSC members and spectators were gracious and supportive, they even had to bring out a dummy dog because there were only 3 BH entries and I drew 3rd.

Below is an article that was posted where our performance  got a mention -

Chris Duffey also handled a German Shepherd that was feeling spunky but remembered his manners to successfully complete the routine, doing a nice job of it.

Chris Duffey, Isaac vom Geistwasser BH H.O.T and USA Judge Frank Philips

Isaac got a nice medallion for passing the test -

Noah attended the event – though he had to hide during the OB portion of the test because Isaac likes him better than me. Once Noah stepped to the fence to listen to the critique Isaac got a little “spunky” which is code for acted like Marmaduke! I suppose that’s better than biting the judge when he checks a tattoo (which I had memorized, but didn’t need to rattle off).

Here is video of the Obedience portion of the BH – If you’re interested in comparing Isaac and me to what a 97 Point SchH3 OB Phase at last years Regionals looked like click here.

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It’s Been awhile

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted updates with regards to training – so here we go. I will be going to Wisconsin this weekend to attend the North Central Regional Championships where I hope to get Isaac his BH. I had hoped to do his BH at the ICSC trial a couple of weeks ago, but Kerry getting labyrinthitis kind of hosed that plan. Though I’m thankful they are doing BHs at Regionals and I’ll have the opportunity to get it out of the way – It really wasn’t my venue of choice to be showcasing our skills! Maybe all the attendees will be busy with other things as I walk down the field like a drunken sailor.

Took a link out of the pinch today – When I worked Isaac at lunch today it seemed a lot better than last night which was encouraging, but isn’t quite this yet.

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