Isaac vom Geistwasser

A BLOG about a DOG

Isaac’s trip to St Louis

During Isaac’s trip to St Louis he got to meet 4 little dogs (American Eskimo, Cocker Spaniel, white cotton ball, and some little terrier). He also got to meet to minature ponies on one of our walks.

They came trotting up to the fence and he ran over to investigate. Sniffs were shared – and all was fine until they made a horse noise and Isaac realized they weren’t just big dogs. He didn’t bark, but he did puff up and give them the hairy eyeball. Wish I had my phone or a camera.

Also have NO idea how anyone trains their SchH dogs in down there. At 1:00 AM it was still 95 with 100% humidity! Can’t even imagine when you’d track.

Obedience Progress

Here is a little video of our progress towards the BH (in August) – added the about turn last night and need to work on the front. Sit in motion is coming along, but still worries me a little.

I need to work on my coordination so that I can use a longer lead and still reward him the ball while keeping him ‘tethered’ to me.