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New Look

Got kind of tired of the theme I was using for the past two years and I couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t render 100% correct in Google Chrome so I decided it was time for a change.

This theme is based on Allure 2.0, but I’ve modified it. It’s a two column theme with support for Featured Content plugin, I just added the bottom posts from the Schutzhund Training Category under the two main columns.

Removed all the menus from the top (pages and categories) and kept all widgets on the far right side. Changed the header logo and only used text because the featured content plugin allows me to dynamically assign/change the number and which pictures are displayed. Seemed more flexible.

Am in the process of reworking categories and making sure items are located in appropriate categories for a little easier management and navigation.

Also just hit over 5000 visits – not bad for two years considering it’s just me rambling about a dog. My experiment with Joomla wasn’t terribly successful – little to cumbersome for my needs.


Aug 20 – 22 ICSC BH (got Isaac’s score book)

After 2 trips to ICSC Isaac is at least barking & half-assed going after the prey – seems more interested in the man. Jen suggested corrections- seems to shut him down & flatten him a little (he’s used to e-collar not the pinch). This was older notes from my note book, corrections have worked out after sticking with them for awhile and always getting him back in drive after a correction.

Moved back to basics – Did a little sitz @ lunch and he gets it – might break fuss & look apart. Need to continue with fronts with food and clicker. Keep using the look command for attention only.

James playing catch with Isaac

Kerry had James tossing the ball for Isaac while he was over tonight – the strange thing is that James is afraid of Stella (the miniature schnauzer) but doesn’t seem to be bothered by Isaac.

Latest updates

Just posted recent activity and progress here under Schutzhund Training Updates.  Bottom line is that we’ve been plugging away and are making some progress. The OB is a lot better and he’s matured enough that he’ll do a little barking for the helper.

Shooting for a BH in August at the Indian Creek Schutzhund Club fall trial – info for the trial can be found here.


It’s been quite some time since I’v posted anything relevant on the BLOG – at one point I had given up all hope that Isaac would ever do protection work. Well the protection work is looking a little more promising these days. Keep in mind he’s not hard hitting the sleeve with a solid hold and bark, but he is barking for the sleeve as well as carrying the sleeve.

Here is a little video of him barking – took him until just over 2 years of age to get to this point.  He’s definitely soft and for that giant head of his doesn’t have a rock solid grip or anything, but he is barking and carrying. From what I’ve seen he also isn’t short on either side of the puppy sleeve so he’s got that going for him. The whip this past weekend kind of put him off – courage test? We’ll see.

His obedience is coming along quite nicely in my opinion – ball drive is there, has a decent long down just needs work on left turns. He is also now receiving corrections during OB work.

Have tried to clarify communication with just ONE command – a NO – a GOOD dog – and a FREE to release him. This seems to definitely be clearing things up – was struggling with the ball, the least and the clicker.

Have also tried to take a couple steps back and use the fuss command for position and the look command for attention.

Shooting for a BH at the end of August. Have the control – need to teach the following

  • Finish
  • About turn
  • Front
  • Sit and Platz in motion

Bottom line is that two things have occurred

  1. Noah worked on Gib Laut with the ball for A VERY LONG time after I initially taught him to speak.
  2. Isaac has matured enough where he is getting a little more ‘barky’ for things that he considers out of the ordinary.

Suppose if Isaac is going to participate in the bite work I need to get my ass out tracking a lot more. For awhile I had continued to track Isaac, but when the bite work wasn’t progressing I dropped the tracking and just worked on OB and getting him to play and bark. Silly beast -

Bark Bark Barking!

Here is quick video showing the progress – it’s not a hold and bark, and it’s not even a puppy sleeve – but it is progress. We’ll just keep plugging along and hope for the best – oh – Denise and Paivi I’ll cut his food back a little bit.