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Grumpy Isaac (part 2)

Kerry didn’t believe that Isaac wasn’t terribly happy to be pet while he’s eating his dinner. Again you can take the bowl, and put your hand in it, but don’t try and pet him. He got her to jump which I thought was funny – but was probably encouraging his behavior. Here’s the background

Since this just popped up figured I better nip it in the bud. Break out the hot dogs and the clicker. First day I fed him and I just barely grazed his ribs with my hand – quiet = mark and a chunk of hot dog. Did this the entire time he ate, expecting a little more each time (he knows what I was marking).

Second day I had Noah come down and do the same thing while I marked and fed. In four days only one grizzly growl and I was asking for it, but he stopped and I marked it. Think we’re well on the way to having back a tolerant food driven dog.

Interesting thing is that I’m sure it’s his over the top food drive that got him acting like a tard – yet it’s the same food drive that fixed it in a day (with 4 days of follow-up so far).