Isaac vom Geistwasser

A BLOG about a DOG

Dog-Cam Update

Since the Firewire port got smoked on my good DV cam I’ve modified the dog-cam setup. Here you go

  • Logitech Webcam C250 mounted on the filing cabinet in my office
  • Stickam account which is free (no adult content allowed)
  • Code to embed the stickam player in a blog/web page can found here (or you could just point people to your stickam profile)
  • Place to mount camera (keep in mind you’re filming a dog – keep it dog safe – video of your dog eating your webcam might be interesting to others but you and the vet might not find it as amusing).
  • A Dog my guess is this will be the most significant cost you’ll incur

Once you’ve got your webcam software installed and running you can sign-on to your stickam account (you created earlier) and click the “Go Live” button. This will begin streaming video. You could just use the link to you’re profile on Stickam or you can be way geeky like me and embed the stickam player on your own page.

That’s all there is to it – 5 simple things you need to stream video of your smelly dog to the world! If you click here you’ll see the computer in a tool box I use when I want to be ‘mobile’ with the webcam.

Grumpy Isaac

Isaac busted out a couple nice deep growls at me while eating from his food bowl today. It was strange and was the first time it’s occurred. He eats in the dog room and I normally mill about in there grabbing a collar and lead in preparation for him going out after dinner. It’s close quarters and there is occasion that I do brush up against him while he’s chomping. He didn’t take kindly to it today~!

Mister I’m becoming sexually mature and feel the need to flex got to Platz while I picked up his bowl and grabbed a chair (no I didn’t hit him with it). He then got to decide if he’d rather be grumpy about my presence or if he’d rather be peaceful and eat from the bowl in my lap. He chose to play nice nice and eat! Will probably feed him in this manner for awhile to make sure he understands what the deal is -

Students in West Chicago

If you are a student in the West Chicago School district please avert your eyes. The content on this site is not meant to be educational! If you don’t avert your eyes please don’t share with Mrs. Duffey what you see here or I’ll potentially suffer ramifications from your surfing of the information super highway.

You might enjoy this though!!!!!