Isaac vom Geistwasser

A BLOG about a DOG

Isaac doing a little OB

Though Isaac hasn’t been doing any phase 3 stuff (no bark, bark, chomp) I have been working on his OB (almost daily) and I’m hoping that I can get a BH on him. Took a little video today to see how it’s looking -

  1. Have gotten to this point with just PP no pressure or correction yet
  2. Finally seem to be able to hold his attention (National level nope, but BH probably)
  3. Probably ready to start with some corrections – e-collar or pinch (will be thinking about this) Seems to respond to vibration on Dogtra better than a pinch or electrical stim (as long as distractions are minimal). In drive a little electrical stim is better that the pinch for him. Unless he’s way way in drive the pinch tends to shut him down (OK that’s an over statement, but he’s pretty soft).
  4. Long down is looking good
  5. Need to start working on Sit in motion

There is stuff that needs work (which I’m not going to list), but I’m actually quite happy with the progress I’ve made with Marmaduke. The excitement/ball drive in this example are lower than normal, not that he’s ever 110% over the top driven, but this was flat for even him. (I was tired too)

Have been doing figure 8’s with him for past couple days and am going to continue with them. Get him fast and slow for a little better balance.

I’m aware the his little flip finish is pathetic and I made the mistake of letting him fall into it. Wasn’t intentional, and wish I would have stopped it sooner, live and learn.


Haven’t been doing too much tracking with Isaac, and absolutely no bite work. Have been working him in OB and have fuss coming along and a decent long down, might actually be able to get a BH on him.
Haven’t placed any ‘pressure’ on him, no corrections, all just positive. Except for the long down – that was worked with the e-collar.

Currently uploading a video of today’s session. I think I’ve made progress with keeping his attention, but need to start applying pressure (prong or e-collar). Keep in mind he’s soft and when I say e-collar I use the vibrate to stimulate him not actual stimulation (seems to respond to it better). Will be thinking on that for awhile -

New Video

Was freeing space and found some video Noah took with my Flip Mino – not as good as his documentary on preparing EasyMac …

Funny pictures

Here are some funny pictures of my friends puppy (Malachai)

I heard a thump and some noise, turned around and I caught him in the act. I quietly grabbed the camera (right next to me) and busted him. Malachai IS the poster pup for the energizer bunny.

This is the bag of sweets Jen gave me after the trial

ut he made a healthier choice and went for the apples.