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Homemade Springer Bicycle Jogger

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Asked how I do roadwork with Isaac on the bike and I thought I had posted this already, but I must not have. I don’t just HOLD the leash, seems like I’d be begging for road rash. I didn’t want to spend $69.99 on this so I made my own (minus the spring).

It’s pretty basic I purchased the following from the local hardware store:

  1. Galvanized pipe, threaded both ends
  2. PVC – T that is threaded (same size as pipe in 1)
  3. Flat wall mount for the galvanized pipe bought in step 1
  4. Two U bolts that fit through the holes on the Flat wall mount in step 3
  5. Misc (brass clip, rope, old bike inner tube, black electrical tape)

Should be self explanatory with the pictures below how it goes together. The only thing that isn’t obvious is that the inner tube is rapped on the seat stem to help allow the U bolts from step 4 get grip. Also I cut the extra length of bolt off the U bolt with a Dremel.

Keep in mind this setup doesn’t have a spring, so there is no shock absorbed when your dog tries to dart after a rabbit. I Ride with a 90 pound GSD and only used the dead ring on the fur-saver (occasionally use pinch). I marker trained him as a puppy to walk beside the bike and run on the tread mill so the transition wasn’t tough. I’m wouldn’t recommend this setup for a wicked high drive adult male GSD who has never biked before (though a spinger wouldn’t work either). This works perfectly for a ‘trained’ dog though, have never had ANY issues with it.

New Skill

Here is some video of Isaac’s new skill.

I was planning to wait and debut it when I was able to combine it with the blind search, but couldn’t resist showing off the piece of the genetic puzzle that had to have come from Fenga vom Weinland Baden. ENJOY! (sorry about profanity)

Test of Emergency Alert System

Today is the first Tuesday of the month and I was finally able to capture Isaac tuning up to the tornado siren test! Kerry has tried and failed, Naoh tried and failed, my last attempt sucked, today was a success – I captured him in full blown howl mode -