Isaac vom Geistwasser

A BLOG about a DOG

New Picture

I’ve been messing with Adobe Premiere to figure out what the best settings for rendering video intended for youtube are. The video of Isaac barking is the one I’ve been playing with because the text over the ‘movie’ are causing problems.

All that to say while I was playing around I did a screen capture to get the following image. I thought it was funny because it makes Marmaduke look a little less like Astro from the Jetsons.


Barking update

Isaac did some strong barking for the ball yesterday (after being in the kennel all day). Did about 2.5 minutes worth or bark/play and put him back in the kennel. Was some of his best barking (drive for the toy) yet.

This morning he was in the front yard when something blew by that spooked him, hair went up and he bark bark barked at it (away from it at first then started stepping towards it). A couple minutes later Jeff Day walked over to give Noah the to-do list for taking care of their dog Chester, Isaac was still in the front yard. Isaac postured, squared up and bark bark barked at Jeff and wouldn’t let him in the yard until I finally called him in the house (didn’t tell him to stop just let him go for awhile sorry Jeff). Normally Isaac is pretty chummy with Jeff, but I think he was still a touch ‘off’ because of the thing that blew by.

One of two things. Bill is right and because he’s soft and kind of squirrely with his drives it might just have been his nerves (not good ones either). The other option is that now that he’s learned to bark he’s a little more free and open/confident/comfortable and this might be a good thing. He saw Jeff last night while he was out mowing the lawn and was fine. I will have to keep an eye on things and make sure I don’t see things moving consistently in the wrong direction. Probably didn’t articulate this well, but what I’m trying to say is that it’s either good drive or nerviness showing itself in my opinion (and I’m not sure or qualified to say). Hoping it’s the former and not the second.

He is definitely turning into Barky mick bark bark lately, and has way more drive for the ball. Now how that translates on the field when a helper is present is a different equation all together. Hoping for the best…..

Little Barking for the toy

Posted this on youtube last week and forgot to embed it in a post. BTW I’m struggling figuring out the best format to render for youtube with the new Flip. Facebook looks awesome youtube does weird post processing I haven’t quite figured out.

Isaac is starting to consistently bark for the toy, still keeping him crated/kenneled quite a bit and only working on bark for the play in short random intervals. Tends to still really like the soccer ball better than the Gappay’s and food of course rules over all.

He will also occasionally just fall into fuss for the ball or sit at my side with attention. Haven’t been doing any OB, just working on seeing if he’ll consistently bark for the toy and make that connection.

Ducks part Two

This a follow up to the previous video of Isaac barking at the ducks. They appear to be stepping it up and engaging in a turf war!

Bark Bark Bark Quack Quack Quack

Poo Disposal

Here is my attempt at lowering our households carbon footprint by not burying plastic bags full of dog fecal matter in mother earth? Just doing my part to save the Polar Bears!

Al Gore’s video and appearance on Oprah really had an impact on me. NOT! I just think it will be a more efficient way of disposing of the dog nuggets, plus how funny will it be when a kid falls in it? Oh Mr Gore if you’re reading this I’ve found the fountain of youth, stop by and take a dip!

Oh and youtube dam you for continuing to bust me for using copyrighted music…Love stinks would have been so appropriate.

Woodward Photography

The sister-in-law came over yesterday for Easter and all the kids were wearing matching outfits for the Easter photo shoot. Haley got grumpy and the photo shoot was put on hold so Isaac got a little time out of his kennel and in front of the lens. These are candid shots, but if you want to look at Heather’s real work and portfolio check her site out here.

Kerry and Isaac

I should have had the new Flip recorder out this morning. Facebook friends would have enjoyed this one.

Kerry decided she wanted to play ball with Isaac (she doesn’t have the technique to keep it away from him) but before playing ball she wanted to prove he would bite her (I suggested against it). She stuffed the ball down the back of her pants after Isaac had already seen it and wanted nothing but the ball. What happened next would have won us big money on America’s Funniest Videos.

She started teasing him and pushing him around in an effort to get him to bite her arm (don’t try this at home). She got what she wanted and there will be a bruise there shortly. After the bite while she was squealing Isaac came at her with some speed and knocked her to the ground and stood on her until she rolled to her belly.

He then stuck his snout down the back of her pants and tried to dig the Gappay ball from her ass crack. Not sure if she tried to get up or if his weight was holding her down. Rather than help I ran inside to tell the family how insane their mother was. It was classic!

She then played a little ball with him, but he’s too fast, she’s too slow and it ended up just being pull Kerry around the front yard. In her expert opinion he’ll end up on the sleeve, we’ll see. Did I mention she was wearing flipflops?

Brodie and Paul trying on new shoes

I know I’m horrible!

Sensible Barking

Isaac has continued his venture into the world of bark bark barking. Last night I took the Greyhound out (Isaac was in the kennel) and as soon as Isaac saw us he gave nonstop deep chested barks (he wanted out to play). We haven’t been correcting his barking, more like encouraging it. (Noah corrected it the first morning by stomping downstairs and pounding on Isaac’s crate, but only because he was tired and didn’t remember we want barking if he wants to keep a dog).

This morning he didn’t bark in the crate when everyone got up, instead he reverted to his typical howl whine. The one thing that has come out of having a 2 month old baby, sister-in-law, and two extra dogs in the house for the week has been good barking. As I’ve stated he may still wash out if he remains like Marmaduke, but at least he’ll do it barking. The barking seems to have freed him up as well (Jen’s thought/prediction). When playing with the ball he is beginning to totally understand the bark gets him the ball (don’t worry we aren’t doing to much of this Jen, just a couple tosses and then putting him away).

Things are looking up a little bit, but when I consider Hutch and the rest of the ‘i’ litter I’m not sure they’ll look up enough. I still tend to fall on Bill’s side of the fence, but am hoping Jen is right. Only time will tell and just the fact that he’s barking was enough to make the plugging along a little easier.

Haven’t been doing any OB with him at all, not even correct his manners (just keeping him away from people if he’s out of control). Was doing tracking, but the weather turned shitty again and that was on hold as well (hoping to at least start tracking him a little more as the ground improves).

Lifted Leg

Isaac actually lifted his leg to pee for the first time. That stinking purple dog keeps peeing on all his good spots!


Isaac has learned how to bark and is excited about it.  Brodie and Paul are visiting this week with Haley and Whit while their floors are refinished.

He did some barking yesterday when he knew they were outside, but he was kenneled. This morning he barked like an ax murder was banging on his crate with an ax when they got up and they were being let out. He then barked when Bethany took the greyhound for a walk this morning and he was in his kennel…really barked.

Who knows if this will prove useful during protection work, but it was nice to hear him with some solid comfortable barks roaring out.

He has had some time with the two lazy house dogs (gun club yesterday, and then just a few minutes in the house together) and he kind of minds his manners. Brodie and Paul aren’t puppies and don’t have the same level of energy as Isaac. He complys in the kennel or crate with once he’s had a couple minutes to get the butt sniffing out of his system.

Rescue Me starts tomorrow

You may or may not care, but Rescue me starts tomorrow (setup your DVRs). You may need an account to view this because it’s not rated G

I also realize the last two posts weren’t dog related, but since it’s my BLOG I’ll post what I want…and Isaac loves to watch Rescue Me.

Noah and some stop animation

Barking for toy

Not holding out too much hope, but Isaac has been barking for the ball. I have been just giving him 3 or four tosses a day (clicking for the bark) and it seems like it’s slowly sinking in (though it’s trained and not necessarily driven by 100% drive). He still acts like Marmaduke, but he is getting a little more serious (not that he’s not still soft) just that he is starting to shift his posture in certain situations. He still tends to platz for the toy and bark from that position (haven’t done a lot of this with him so it’s not a trained habit). He’s also starting to realize the ball is in my pocket and ‘looks’ for it when he goes away. The other members of his litter are ‘better’ in the work than him and none of them are shining examples. Will still give it time and plug away with the furry beast.

He is also tending to be a little more possessive with the ball, he used to just bring it back and give it up. He’s starting to be a little more leery to bring it all the way in and drop it, and jogs away from me when I walk towards him. I’m letting this go right now because I’d rather deal with him not wanting to give it up than not wanting the ball (kind of encouraging). He’s ‘carrying’ it when he keeps it and not mouthing it so I’m letting it go. He also going out for it with a lot more intensity.

There is an option on the table for a new dog, but still investigating that. Not sure the timing will work out, but it’s definitely a consideration. If it were July the timing might be a little better to add a dog. Noah is pretty adminent that he won’t let Isaac go to another household so we are currently between a rock and a hard place. Just to clarify Isaac is a great pet, just s shitty Schutzhund prospect and I was hoping to get both.