Isaac vom Geistwasser

A BLOG about a DOG


15 Minutes of OB field next to jacks

  • First if was freaking COLD out today
  • 2 KONGs to start
  • Sitz
  • Fuss in some circles (just pivoting to the right)

Nothing to heavy, just wanted to make sure I got out before the Claudia Romard seminar, Van Gogh Kennels tomorrow and Sunday.

No OB today

Tried some OB today but Kerry, Noah, and Bethany took Isaac to the park before I got home from work and he was a little tired. On the way home from the park I guess him and Noah raced through the field (Noah didn’t win).

When I took him out for OB, Noah showed up and wanted to toss the KONG and then the Peniall’s kids showed up with Kerry so I packed it up. There was just too much else going on.


OB Field next to jacks
15 Solid Minutes

  • Warmed up with the KONGs
  • Did some FUSS in straight line (occasional right turns)
  • Platz (which he is getting faster at)
  • Sitz in starting position (with a release for looking and proper position, with going into a fuss).

Went well and is actually getting better, still on occasion doesn’t bring the KONG all the way in.

Video Noah and Isaac playing hockey

Little street hockey with the boy and the dog

If the video doesn’t play try this link

Updated photo on PedigreeDatabase

I updated Isaac’s photo on the PedigreeDatabase. It probably doesn’t qualify for an officially stacked photo, but it’s the best I could do by myself.


Some updated pictures

Took a few pictures (hard to throw the ball and take pictures)…..


15 minutes of OB field next to jacks

  • Warmed up with the KONGs (did a lot of play and tug, he was on fire for himself)
  • Began with PLATZ after getting him going with the KONG
  • Straight line FUSS
  • Straight line FUSS with a right turn, throw KONG as soon as complete the turn (get him running around me instead of lagging)
  • Right turns in a circle with the KONG

Is slowly getting better every day, need to get to some different locations so that when I get to the club he isn’t just used to working in one spot. Again while putting the pinch on he seemed to know what was going on.


10 minutes clicker training in basement

Since we didn’t get outside tonight we did some clicker training, he is fast for the food. Was more of a refresher session than teaching, he already knows all these things.

  • hotdogs and the clicker
  • Sitz
  • Platz
  • Look

Wonder if I can mix up food and play at the club, he still really likes his food.


OB 12 minutes Field next ot Jack’s house

  • Warmed him up with the KONGS
  • Started with PLATZ (he’ll go down, but doesn’t always pop down)
  • Started to bark for the toy so I did just some GIB LAUT, rewarding for barking. He caught on quick, hasn’t barked much in the past (for anything).
  • 3 straight line FUSS with differing speeds
  • 2 complete right turns with FUSS

Starting to get some liquid out of the mouth when he sees the KONGS (that’s gotta be better). He also seems to know when I put the pinch collar on we’re going to play because he starts digging in my pocket where I store the KONGS. Maybe I’ll put his pinch collar on a the club this Sunday to give him an idea what’s about to go down.


OB 12 Minutes field next to Jacks

  • Started with play with the KONGS, tug, close tosses, and teasing
  • Fuss in a straight line 4 or 5 times, he gets it, may not have been completely in drive
  • Made 3 right turns with him
  • Platz 4 or 5 times and a toss/tug when he completed
  • Had his leash on, but didn’t use it, he just dragged it
  • Pinch collar was on, but leash was on dead ring of Fur Saver

Trip to club

The update from today’s trip to the club can be found in Schutzhund Training Updates.  He’s coming along slowly, more me that him I think. He is definitely not used to helper yet.

Hope it warms up this week so I can track him a couple times.


Isaac made a trip to Indian Creek Schutzhund Club today (I went along). He is still a little put off by the new surroundings, Jen got him playing. When I got home I played with him in the field before feeding him (he’s definitely better in a place he’s comfortable with). Will try Jen’s suggestion and get him in new areas and play there.

During protection work, he was slow to get going (still no barking), and yes he still was afraid/leary of Bill until Bill drew him out. He settled in after awhile and played along. My running in circles is getting better. Need to continue to get out to the club on a weekly basis so he gets used to the new surrounding and to the helper.


10 – 15 OB in field next to Jacks

  • Pinch collar, 2 KONGs, and a leash
  • straight lines are OK (starting to understand)
  • made 3 or 4 right turns and ‘free’ instant after the turn
  • Is definitely into the KONGS
  • Made one right hand tight circle with him

Overall it’s OK wouldn’t say we’re doing excellent, but there is progress. May try without the pinch collar since I’m not using it too much (should say I’ll leave the collar on, but hook the leash on the dead ring of the fur saver)

May do some ‘look’ with the clicker and some hot dogs for a refresher and to seperate the position of fuss with the look.

Petsmart’s Scale in Batavia SUCKS

I took Isaac to WetNose to pickup some Fromm Surf & Turf and use their scale. On the WetNose scale (which they assured me was accurate) he weighed in at 80.1 lbs which makes more sense.

I’m guessing a chubby kid was playing on the PetSmart scale while his parents were picking out a matching leash and collar for the new family pet. All that to say I’m going to put a tad of weight on him, but I’m not as FREAKED as I was when I thought he weighed 65 lbs (eee-gads).

Petsmart's Scale in Batavia SUCKS

I took Isaac to WetNose to pickup some Fromm Surf & Turf and use their scale. On the WetNose scale (which they assured me was accurate) he weighed in at 80.1 lbs which makes more sense.

I’m guessing a chubby kid was playing on the PetSmart scale while his parents were picking out a matching leash and collar for the new family pet. All that to say I’m going to put a tad of weight on him, but I’m not as FREAKED as I was when I thought he weighed 65 lbs (eee-gads).


10 Minutes in Back yard

  • Started by getting him going with the KONG, I should mention he always comes straight from his crate when I work him. He’s not laying on the couch watching reruns of Scooby Do
  • He was on a short lead and I put him on a pinch collar today. Wasn’t giving him corrections as much as getting him into position (luring isn’t working 100% of the time).
  • Short straight lines with variable speed, KONG still out where he can see it, and minimal adjustments with the lead.
  • Released him when he was ‘correct’, kept it short today (may have been going to long before). I think he is slowly beginning to understand I walk here and look up the fat man throws the KONG.

I think it went better today, he is really interested in the KONGS and he is beginning to understand what is expected. Even when Thomas came out and barked at him he didn’t lose his focus (unlike indoor training at the club last weekend when he sniffed around where people had dropped coffee cake).


OB 10-15 minutes Backyard

  • He came straight from kennel and was wound for sound, started with a little 2 KONG (Bill was right, he gets going for the KONGS).
  • Did some Fuss releasing him when he was in position
  • Was off leash with clicker
  • Position & Attention was 100% for very short periods
  • Only say Fuss when he’s in proper position
  • Though he’s there occasionally I’m not sure he get it yet 100%, still all luring into position.
  • Fur saver tough to work with, may try a pinch collar, not for corrections but just to guide him into position

Skinny dog syndrome

Knock on wood Isaac hasn’t had stomach issues in a long long time (and he’s even been chewing bully-sticks). I took him to petsmart tonight to toss him on the scale and see what he’s weighing in at. To my suprise he was only 65 lbs, either their scale was wrong or he’s lost weight (may use the vets scale tomorrow).

Jen said he cold gain a little weight so I upped his food starting last Sunday night, but am really suprised by the 65 number. At the last vet visit he was 72 lbs.

Here is what the recommendations from Fromm Surf and Turf is (I know it’s not law, but I figure they over estimate anyway).

Daily Feeding Recommendations:

Weight of Dog 5 lbs 15 lbs 30 lbs 50 lbs 75 lbs 100 lbs
Cups/Day 1/2 1-1/4 1-3/4 3 3-1/2 4-1/2

I know the bag isn’t gospel but when he was at 70 lbs he was getting 4 cups per day, and now he’s been getting 4 1/2 cups for a week. I know the week of more food wouldn’t have amounted to weight gain yet, but it seems that the 1/2 cup more than they recommend for a lighter dog would have not caused him to lose weight. Maybe their scale was off (I did zero it).

Jen if you read this let me know your thoughts on Sunday, I won’t bother you with any more email than I already have this week. You probably go by look, but what do you think he should be at?

I did buy my measuring cups at Wal-Mart the week before I picked the dog up, maybe they were made in China. I don’t want to be racist, but the Chinese are a skinny group of people. Maybe that’s how they keep obesity down, they make the volume in their measuring cups lower than the lables. Have you ever seen a fat Chinese person? Plus isn’t there a joke about being hungry after you eat Chinese food…I might be onto something.

No work on 2-11-2009

When I got home last night Kerry had already fed Isaac so I didn’t have time to work him. He did get time on the treadmill later in the evening.

Crazy dog woke up at 5:00 AM this morning…..thinking about getting Ambien for him.


OB 10 – 15 minutes Open field next to Jacks

Worked on FUSS with a leash a clicker and two KONGS
He likes the KONGS (no difference than with hoses)
Used the leash to keep him a little better in position (no corrections)

Probably went a little to long, because eye contact started to drop off