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10-31-2008 Training

10 Minutes Fuss up & down the center line with right turns
Used only 2 hose & free (release) as reward
Need to go back to food for some luring
The Fuss is pretty good but sitting @ my side not so good today
he was a tad tired as it got HOT today & we mowed the lawn 2 hours before I worked him (and he followed me and the mower the entire time, which is good since he used to be scared of it)
NEED to TRY and get to ICSC this weekend so Jen can help my pathetic ass…

HAPPY Halloween

Isaac got to sit on the porch as the kiddies came up for candy (little creatures, some smelled worse than him). Talk about socialization, he saw some freaky people in all stages of dress, some on rollerblades, some with masks, some screaming, short ones, tall ones, fat ones, and some not even in costume.

He behaved like a true gentelman and didn’t bother anyone, required no restraining, and only tried to get in the candy bowl about 4,000 times. It was good to see he can handle new situations.

He was also happy that I didn’t make him wear the costume I ordered him on ebay….. who would do that to their dog?

Schutzhund Training Category

I have created a category called Schutzhund Training where I can log actual work I am doing to move towards Schutzhund trials/titles.

So that the main page doesn’t get plastered with entries (may not be daily as I keep an actual paper log and am not sure how much I’ll reproduce) I’ve installed a plugin that hides the Schutzhund Training category post from the main page.

You can find a link on the left side of the main page called Schutzhund Training Updates which will give you access to this category.

Here’s what the paper log looks like

Diarrhea Update

The beast went out this AM and re leaved himself, spent a little time in his kennel, and then went back in his crate. While I lounged in bed watching the news he was in his crate dropping a giant splat of smelly brown pudding in his kennel (didn’t walk in it).

I was busy before the first conference call of the day, like cleaning up the sidewalk after an exploding fecal filled balloon was dropped from a roof. I need to run to the Army Surplus store this weekend to pickup a gas mask and a Tyvek Chemical Suit. When I squirted out the crate I used the hose to ’sift’ through the poo and didn’t find any rocks, or other strange foreign objects (wouldn’t put it past him).

I must admit that I gave him a chunk of cooked chicken last night, not an entire chicken but a small chunk. Other than that it was just kibble and water.

Also caught him today at lunch chewing on the far end (rim) of the barrel his dog house is made from (K9-Kondo).

10-30-2008 Training

Fuss up & Down center line with right turns each end
10 minutes with an hour of rest afterwords
Started with sit at attention (look) was in front of me after chasing geese off field
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10-29-2008 Training

Fuss up & Down center line with right turns each end
20 minutes
Ate before & 1 hour rest
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For Jacob

Here is a video for Jacob (my friend Kari’s son). Follow the youtube video to the user “gsdayla“, he’ll be able to find any number of videos of dogs in many different stages of training. The content under gsdayla is safe for kids (no barley clad women or totally horrible music lyrics).

10 Solid minutes of Two Hose

Was able to hold Isaac’s attention last night and this morning for ten solid minutes of two hose. At the end of the 10 minutes both times I put him away with him wanting more (he was way ready for more).

I am better at the two hose game than feeding in the fuss position, I need to keep practicing rewarding him with food at the correct time (more acurate with my hand).

10-28-08 Training

Fuss up and down center line right about turns
15 Minutes
“Free” Two hose every once in a while (just a couple tosses)
Dinner & 1 hr rest in Kennel
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Current Goals with Fuss


  • Walk Correctly…..Body Language (handler)
  • Keep each part of pattern shorter than actual pattern. (Pattern Training) Leads to anticipation which is the beginning of learning
  • Teach the dog to get food by remaining attentive in correct position (I SUCK at feeding while walking)
  • Say FUSS only while in correct position, not to bring him into position (shaping not ordering)
  • Use Center Line with only right turns (for about turns) not the fancy left about turn yet

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Training Plan

I have been less than diligent with scheduled training in regards to Schutzhund. Time to get back on track now that the stomach issues have settled down and we’ve made some real progress with two hose and other forms of play/reward.

I’ve created a new category that I will use to keep track of ‘actual’ training related posts.
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Even more on the K9-Kondo

Isaac is a total nut-ball. He’s found a new way to entertain himself with the new dog house (K9-Kondo).

K9-Kondo Update

Isaac spent some time in the K9-Kondo yesterday when the wind and rain picked up.

Chew proof was the claim, well it’s not ‘Chew’ proof but it is damage due to chewing proof. I’m working from home today and had Isaac outside during a conference call. When I went to check on him he had gotten the rod that holds the door open half way out and had pulled his K9-Kondo across his kennel. Maybe he was just practicing a little Feng Shui. He was sitting there chewing on a galvonized steel rod (freak)!

So it is definately damage proof and seems to have stood the first ‘Isaac’ test. Might consider staking it down so he doesn’t keep moving it around. It doubles as a water bowl too. When it is wet with dew or rain Isaac likes to lick the outside dry.

K-9 Kondo Dog House Arrived

The K9-Kondo kit I posted about earlier in the week came Friday and the Barrel came today. Here is a page with pictures and details around how it went together.

Bethany helped put it together.

Isaac’s method of drinking

Isaac is no longer this small and he takes his eating a lot more seriously now, but lately this is his method of drinking. Bang the bowl(s) around until they spill, drink off the ground, and then play with the bowls. He appears to be practicing his air-hokey while hydrating! Bark for more H20 and repeat!

Isaac's method of drinking

Isaac is no longer this small and he takes his eating a lot more seriously now, but lately this is his method of drinking. Bang the bowl(s) around until they spill, drink off the ground, and then play with the bowls. He appears to be practicing his air-hokey while hydrating! Bark for more H20 and repeat!

Fur Saver and Prey Drive

Isaac doesn’t look any bigger to me, but the 21″ fur saver tells another story. When I ordered it I got a 21″ and a 23″. He could almost look at the ground and have the 21″ fall off his head, not so any longer. It slides on easy, but has gotten to be a lot tougher getting off. We are only using the dead ring, but if I was using it for corrections it would be way too short. Might be moving to the 23″.

Prey Drive Progress…..Isaac is now good for 20 minutes of two hose (yes I’m using chunks of garden hose). He’ll chase, return, chase return, as long as every once in awhile I hold one in my hand and let him run in and ‘hit’ it and play a little tug with him. To think I was worried :) As soon as they go in my pocket he sits and stairs at me (not my pocket) until they come back out (look seems to have paid off as well). He’s even getting pushy for them, after a couple minutes of stairing he occasionally starts barking at me (which he never does for anything else, not even dinner). Still tease him with them before we start and always put him away wanting more.

Since the limp seems to have settled we’ve been playing with the hoses a lot more. I suppose I have Jen from Indian Creek Schutzhund club and Kulla Dogs to thank for teaching me how to play with my dog….took some work but he’s getting in the groove which is very very nice to see and will make life easier in the long run.

Winter coming K-9 Kondo

With winter coming (and more rain) I’ve been in search of a ‘dog house’ solution. Isaac is an inside dog, but spends a lot of time lounging in his kennel. Heavy rain and mist don’t seem to bother him, but it does bother the wife. She claims he gets smelly when he’s wet, go figure. So I was looking for something chew proof, easy to clean, and easy to move if needed. Here is what I decided on K-9 Kondo.

Will post pictures and info once I get the ’stuff’. Stuff being a barrel which I ordered off ebay, and the kit for the dog house. Yes it might look like a wood burning stove, but I have seen positive reviews in forums and it fits the bill for chew proof, and easy to clean. It was also way more ecconomical than the lumber required to build something like the Dog Den 3.

United Schutzhund Clubs of America Rulebook

I received the United Schutzhund Clubs of America rulebook today, I didn’t know the dog had to be on my left side (we’re in trouble now)! Isaac is in his crate reviewing right now, figure by tomorrow afternoon he’ll have it all figured out…

10-19-2008 SchH Training

Isaac’s day at the Indian Creek Schutzhund Club consisted of a run at the gun club in the morning, Bethany’s soccer game straight from the club, a lunch with Kerry’s family (since Marissa was home from school) and then kenneled during dinner at the Penniall’s. All that to say another Sunday went by without a trip to the club…..I should have bought beagle :)