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Had an issue

For some reason one of my posts was hosing Internet Explorer (Mozilla was cool). I marked the post private and all is again well. Once I figure out what is the post was tweaking out wordpress I’ll post the info so other wordpress users might be informed.

Dog still limping a little, yet seems as happy as ever.

Swim and a bath

We were playing in the open field and Isaac decided to go investigate the pond. I tossed some sticks in and he walked in up to his chest. I tried to coax him in for about 20 minutes, even stepped in. He is getting closer, but he definitely isn’t a water dog.

He then got a bath in the driveway, though he wasn’t 100% compliant he did stand nicely and didn’t vocalize like he’s been known to do. When he was a lot younger I’m sure the neighbors thought I was poking him with an ice pick.

The two hose game is getting very very solid, Isaac brings them in fairly close before dropping them and seems to have made the connection that I need to be involved for it to be fun. He’ll retrieve them, jump and grab for them when he comes back in if I hold it out to the side, he will also play tug with them. We’ve been working on this daily for weeks and it is paying off. I still want to continue the play with the hoses as I know it will make positive reinforcement that much easier when he’s willing to work as hard for toys as he is for food.

His favorite game seems to be being restrained while Noah runs 100 yards out in the field and then Isaac runs out to him balls to the walls.

Chicago Mandatory Spay/Neuter Ordinance

I received the following information on Chicago’s proposed Mandatory Spay/Neuter Ordinance from a member of the Indian Creek Schutzhund Club.

You should take the time to review and voice your opposition to the appropriate individuals. The City of Chicago yet again believes they can legislate responsibility. I won’t go into my views on the City’s unconstitutional stance on the Second Amendment, except the battle to undo is far more difficult than the battle to prevent.

More of the same

More of the same with regards to using food and two hose to work on obedience. Did two sitz in the backyard today while playing tug with the hose and he got them quick and pretty. Didn’t want to do too many since we were just playing, but wanted to see how he’d do. He did pretty well.

I must admit that now that he’s enjoying the two hose and tug toys and hasn’t had stomach issues I been getting a little off balance by not tracking as much as we should. NEED to be dilgent and get back to that.

Real Progress

The two ‘hose’ game, bringing the soccer ball back, and play with the two handed tug are really progressing. He is beginning to really want to play (actually looking for the toys since they are stored away) which is quite nice if he can continue to work for food as well (without Diarrhea).

Maybe Bully Sticks are OK

In my last post I indicated that Isaac might be on his way to diarreha, well it’s been 24 hours since I gave him the Bully Stick and all seems well. Other than he seems to be wound for sound today!

Update after Bully Stick

K, well after the bully stick it appears that the stool is getting looser (not explosive liquid yet). I’ll keep you updated.

Bully Stick Test

I gave Isaac half an 11″ Bully Stick this morning and will try and limit any other factors that might contribute to diarreha. I purchased them from here. I would like to rule out or confirm the bully sticks since he digs them so much.

One issue is he doesn’t seem to undertand the last 3″ piece should be chewed and not swallowed whole.

Couple Updates

Yesterday I received the two fur-saver collars I ordered from Hallmark K9 on Friday (standard shipping…nice and fast). Jim Hill, the owner, even dropped me a call to clarify a question I had sent him via email since the order was different than what I was asking (Chrome verses Stainless Steel). Second order I’ve placed with Hallmark K9 and would recommend them for your ‘dog’ needs.

Isaac is 6 months old and weighs 62 lbs so I ordered the 21″ and 23″ fur-saver collars. The 21″ fits (maybe a fuzz loose). Once he’s done growing and I know what size I’ll need I’ll purchase the Stainless Steel version. If you’re ordering one keep in mind that Herm Sprenger collars are measured from outside of ring to outside of ring. Keep in mind NO COLLARS in Kennel or Crate or when your beast isn’t supervised!

Read more

Dog Room Remodeling

Installed a baby gate and some shelves in the dog room so Isaac can have some contained unsupervised freedom. Now he can sit and stair at Kerry and Noah when they are on their computer…

The shelves (not pictured) were to get EVERYTHING out of the reach of his chompers. Yes, the tools on top of the dog crate will be put away as well (he already got a hold of a screwdriver and carpenters pencil).

Beast has the runs

The beast has the runs again. Summer Sausage was WAY WAY earlier in the week, so it’s not that. Had a bully stick yesterday AM, ate a cricket in the afternoon, and mouthed a frog as well (didn’t swallow). He was also able to eat a bottle cap that dropped on the floor.

I believe he is also cutting the two bottom teeth that are second from the back (I think).

He got a half an Imodium last night at 12:30 and another half at 5:30 AM. Hasn’t had breakfast, just water. He’s pissed about that!

Training Field

Isaac’s training field has turned into a swimming pool! For more flood pictures look here! Isaac is not enjoying the rain as much as the kids are.

Family Photos

Here are some photos I scraped from the Pedigree Database of Isaac’s realives from the ‘i’ litter (missing Ice and Inga).

Iko, Ink, Ira, Iso, Isabelle, Irko (clockwise from upper left).

Though it might be ‘normal’ in the world of dog breeding, as you can see here aside from Fenga vom Weinland Baden, Isaac’s father G Kway vom Posthorn has had many mistresses (kind of a player). You could say Isaac comes from the ultimate blended family.

Bitches Kway has stepped out on Fenga with:
Balien zu Treuen Händen
Caliber vom Wildhaus
G Ayla vom Haus Lohre
G Branka von Lütje Hörn
G Kenna vom Salztalblick
Kiva van Adelrik
Moolhoek’s Cleo
SG Gjeter av Xazziam
SG Irmhild von der Staatsmacht
SG Zita vom Fuchsgraben
V Addi vom Haus Beal

Few more pictures

Few more pictures from today…

Today I slowly switched back over to summer sausage cubes (small and not a lot) to see how the pooches stomach reacts to them. Isaac hasn’t had stomach issues in quite some time, but we’ve only been working with kibble and prey drive. His brains loves summer sausage, we’ll see if it’s got his digestive track line.

Actually sent Isaac’s AKC registration in today (I know I’m kind of a slacker).

Four posts in one day, maybe that will keep Kerry happy for awhile. I also updated the home page and the events page of the North Central Region website.

Caught a frog (toad)

When I got home tonight and went to grab Isaac out of the kennel he was guarding a toad. It was playing possum but still alive, which was rather unusual (he nomally chomps them).

Updated Photo 9-11-2008

Here is an updated photo of Isaac at around 6 months.

Responding to complaints

In response to complaints that I haven’t been updating the blog I decided to upload a video of Asko von der Lutter who is Isaac’s ‘grandfather’ (his Sire’s Sire). It’s a video of obedience and protection work and I believe this is the source

Asko von der Lutter VIDEO

Not too many updates

It appears to my untrained eye that Isaac has one more tooth to lose (it’s the K9 he didn’t chip). It looks like th giant chompers in the back are in and the bottom fronts are all in. That being said Obedience has been limited to some food, drive with the soccer ball, and still playing regular ball with him.

Still running the track quite fast.

Only diarehha has been our own fault and is the result of too much bully stick in one sitting. Had some time with Chad’s dogs yesterday while I drank beer and swam. He behaved himself with the two labradoodle things.

Thinking about trying to get some updated photos, just not real high on the list.