Isaac vom Geistwasser

A BLOG about a DOG

Quick comparison

Just a couple of pictures of the dog with Noah in the background so you can see his growth. He went to the kennel this AM and was in the run next to his mother, he’s closing in on her height.


Isaac has been tracking really really fast in anticipation of the jackpot! I’ve also always been tracking him hungry, his meal spread across the track.

Tonight I fed him dinner at 5:30 and then just tracked him at 8:15 in hopes of slowing him down a little, less frantic. I also put a lot smaller jackpot at the end of the track. It went fairly well and I think I’ll try this approach for a week or so.

Still not doing any OB work with the pooch other than hay don’t kill the little dog or the kids. His broken K9 fell out and the new one is coming in so he’s playing with a soft freaky silicone ball. The two ball is coming along nicely (IMHO) so the playing is paying off huge. Still doesn’t drive him like food does, but it’s getting close.

Not sure if we’ll make the trip to the Schutzhund club in the AM or not.

Attack of the killer cat

Isaac was attacked by a cat yesterday (no front claws).

Kerry, Noah, and I were on a walk and we stopped by Daren’s house (he claims we never stop by). We know that Lori’s cat doesn’t like dogs (understatement) so Isaac stayed with Noah and I at the ‘curb’ while Kerry walked up to the house. The cat showed up on the front stoop and Isaac let a few barks go. The crazy cat started making insane noises (still on the stoop).

What happened next was insane. The cat charged down the sidewalk to the street and came at me and Isaac (once I saw him moving I stepped in front of the dog). He tried stepping up thinking the cat wanted to play…within seconds he knew the cat meant business. The cat tried to bite my leg and different parts of Isaac, lucky for Isaac and the cat his mouth was too small to grab onto me or the dog.

Hopefully Lori doesn’t read the dogs blog because the cat got my foot in it’s ass and a ball tossed at it’s bean. This backed the cat off enough so that I could drop the leash and get between the cat and the dog. Isaac was able to put a little distance between the feline and himself. He didn’t seem too affected though I would imagine he won’t be as friendly with the next fur-ball he encounters.

The cat has big brass ones! Even after I gave the dog to Noah I started herding it up the sidewalk back to the house he protested and wasn’t too terribly compliant. Mark your calendars…the rematch is 8-10-2009 my moneys on the dog.

I have received a picture of the offending cat….Isaac wanted me to post the address!

Almost 5 months (if the math is right)

I took a few pictures today at lunch, if my math is correct Isaac is about 5 months old.


Development and Promotion

Isaac has turned a corner with regards to ‘playing’ with the rag, KONG on a strap, and anything else he sees as ‘prey’. The weeks of playing with him have paid off, he barks, snaps, jumps, chases, and generally works for the item consistently. He stays engaged for 10 or more minutes.

Yesterday I did a litmus test to see if he’d ‘work’ for it, he will (not focusing on this yet). Rather than have him ‘work’ for it I’m going to see if I can get the retrieve down. i.e., this morning I got him going with the puppy rag and then would toss the KONG, when he picked it up I would praise him, start the puppy rag moving again to bring him back, and would let him begin chasing it and grab it as soon as he dropped the KONG. We’ll get some two ball out of him at some point.

May have to take a break as his chipped puppy K9 is very close to falling out and I don’t want to give him cause to not hold/engage because of teething pain. Doesn’t seem to bother him, but it is way way loose and is bleeding a touch.

Haven’t been updating photos so I’m going to try and get some pictures posted something in the next couple of day.

Another weekend no Schutzhund Club

Marissa’s 19th b-day party was last night and I decided I wasn’t going to get up Today and head up to ICSC. Saturday in the early morning and late evening Isaac was good to go, but during the heat of the day he was zapped. Figured I’d sleep in and keep him out of the heat.

Unfortunately now that I look at the Calendar I’ll be missing the 17th of this month because Marissa goes back to school.

Good news is that I’m still tracking him and working on drive with the KONG, not too much formal obedience (little here and there nothing stellar). Better news is that his stomach seems to have settled down (keeping fingers crossed).

Kerry weighed him yesterday (or Friday) and he’s at 49 or 50 lbs. All I hear is he’s “SO” skinny….I think (and the vet confirmed) that he’s at a very good weight. I think his hips and elbows will be happier in the long run (plus one fat-body in the family is enough).

Tracking update

Did some tracking this evening, he was a little scattered but finished with no checks.

Also did a little OB earlier in the day, the food keeps him in drive (haven’t tried toys yet, still just playing with those in short intervals).