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Video of Dog

Here is some video of the pooch!


I received complaints from my eldest daughter that all the dog does is whine (she watches him Mon-Wed). The days that’s I’ve watched him I haven’t had too many issues, so I wanted to track activity to see if things had changed since he has gotten older (by days).

After looking at the schedule you’ll see the majority of his day is spent sleeping. In roughly one 24 hr period Isaac spent 18.25 hours sleeping in his crate. This was without a walk (he walked to far the previous day). Just some ball play, training, and a 20 minute trip to the gun club in the evening.

Start Time Stop Time Activity
23:00 5:30 Slept in Crate in MBR
5:30 5:36 Outside to Pee
5:35 6:30 Slept in Crate in MBR
6:30 7:05 Whined/Barked a little and slept a little
7:06 7:50 Breakfast, Poop, small Play
7:51 9:15 Slept in Crate in MBR
9:15 9:30 Whined in Crate in MBR
9:30 10:00 Out to pee and play with ball
10:01 10:04 Whined in Kennel
10:05 10:15 Kong with Peanutbutter and summer sausage
10:15 11:20 Settled down and ended up in crate in the kennel
11:20 11:25 Out to pee and play with ball
11:25 12:00 Back in kennel (no issues just sat down). Gave loaded Kong anyway after 5 minutes.
12:01 12:15 Sleeping in Crate in Kennel
12:15 12:50 Out to pee and watch me eat lunch
13:00 15:30 Slept in Crate in MBR “QUIET”
3:30 16:15 Out to pee and play with ball
16:15 17:50 Placed in Kennel with filled Kong and crate, whined a fuz until I gave him an icecube.
17:50 18:00 Out to pee and eat mulch!
18:00 18:50 Slept in Crate in Dog room
18:50 21:16 Out to pee and Family time (Gun Club trip)
21:16 22:50 Slept in Crate in Dog room
22:50 23:00 Outside to Pee
23:00 6:00 Slept in Crate in MBR
6:00 6:05 Outside to Pee
6:05 7:30 Slept in Crate in MBR whined a fuz
7:30 8:20 Outside to Pee (crap in house)

No Pictures of this update

Well we are up to 4 liquid and 2 solid accidents in the house. Giant steamer by the front door (I was making Noah’s lunch), Noah nearly vomited and had to open all the windows. I suggested he clean it up since he hasn’t cleaned up the yard since the beast arrived. He claims he’ll do it this weekend.

Oh and believe me I thought about getting a picture of this accident for the BLOG, Noah commented that is was giant (bigger than his). For some reason Noah also stated “good thing it’s not green”, we may want to start checking his poo!

The interesting part is that he somehow managed to squeeze it out while chasing and barking at Stella, there wasn’t a moment of silence. Good thing it was on the hardwood!

Trip to Gun Club

Isaac, Noah, and I went to the gun club (St Charles Sportsmen’s Club) tonight. The spring trap league was in session and all the trap stations were full (except the practice trap). I don’t think Isaac was aware that shotguns were going off. We stood nice and close behind some accomplished fellows who were shooting very respectable yardage.

Interesting that the lawn mower bugs him, Noah wants to move to the .22 LR but suggested the .45 ACP would be a little much. He said it’s fun to shoot, but too loud.

Video Capable?

This is not dog related I’m just trying to see how Youtube videos will render in WordPress. I suppose in a way it is dog related because it supports my theory that dogs are smarter than most kids! If it works maybe I’ll post video of Isaac eating rabbit poop.

Longer walk and Harley

Went for a longer walk than normal last night and met Harley the boxer. Things went well, Isaac is nicely reserved (not insane to play) but also isn’t timid as the distance between Harley and him closed.

While in the house at Diane’s with Glory and Guss very happy to see that he pretty much just ignore them and isn’t freaking to engage with them the entire time. Does his own thing and just occasionally checks them and then back to his own business. When they approach him he’ll glance at them and then back to his own thing. Seems like a nice balance.

10 weeks

Got a bath (not too happy about that). After his bath and getting dried off I was grabbing the leash and Isaac got liquid in the living room waiting for me…..

Added 10 week pictures to the gallery

Maybe he’ll eat the Canidae dog food after all.

Brodie came over for dinner

Isaac’s cousin Brodie came over for dinner and a run in the front yard. More pictures from dinner.

click on the picture and Brodie’s head won’t be cut off (sorry).

We’ll see how long it lasts

Kerry has allowed Isaac in bed with her a number of times, I captured the latest bad habit on the digital camera. I think as long as his fur is soft and he doesn’t smell, he’s good to go. The first time he smells like a dog it’s back to the floor for him.

Here are a few shots of the wife and the dog.

He even got mud on the comforter one night (and has been allowed back up since). The mud was from his mouth (dirt clog residue from earlier in the night) after he grabbed the comforter. I guess that’s better than Rabbit poop residue!

We'll see how long it lasts

Kerry has allowed Isaac in bed with her a number of times, I captured the latest bad habit on the digital camera. I think as long as his fur is soft and he doesn’t smell, he’s good to go. The first time he smells like a dog it’s back to the floor for him.

Here are a few shots of the wife and the dog.

He even got mud on the comforter one night (and has been allowed back up since). The mud was from his mouth (dirt clog residue from earlier in the night) after he grabbed the comforter. I guess that’s better than Rabbit poop residue!

Tracking Update

Isaac, Noah, and I went out this morning after soccer and did some tracking (trenching is more like it). Just straight turf, wind in the face.

While Noah restrained Isaac I laid 3 straight, trenched, 8′, tracks with bait every 9 inches every other trench. Started with a scent pad with bait at the four corners and one in the center. Jack pot at the end of each track. Used flags at the scent pad as well…

The bait was a little too big and took a little too long to wolf down. Kept his nose to the ground and moved forward going from left to right with the snout. The only challenge was that he wanted to lay down when he found the food (no he isn’t identifying articles). Moved a little to quick (only skipped two pieces of food). Leash was top center and loose the majority of the time. He reverse tracked the last track after hitting the jack pot, I let him go with it since his nose was down, swinging, and he was moving forward. Just quite calm good boys (he didn’t even hear me).

He moved quickly but wasn’t frantic. I think with smaller bait he’ll be able to eat it standing up and probably move a little slower digging it out of the turf (he did get some of them visually).

Will work them again in the morning with smaller bait and a little more distance between drops.

Urinated in Living room

The pooch urinated in the living room yesterday (this raises the total to four accidents) morning, Noah neglected to let him out when told. He scratched at the front door when he wants a drink yesterday. Made it around the entire block during yesterdays walk (saw a couple annoying dogs on the trip).

Continues to thrive on Rabbit poop….seems to have slowed down on wood chips.

Training has been canceled at Indian Creek this weekend, which is nice because Noah has a soccer tournament Fri-Sat-Sun-Mon….Starting with scent pads today.

I’ve always stated that dogs are smarter than the average kid and I think I can now prove it. The dog knows what Sitz is and can walk up and down stairs at 9 weeks of age. Noah at age 8 picked the dog up and was scratched a second day in a row.

Rabbit Poop…

Isaac doesn’t seem to like the Royal Canin too much anymore and deffinately doesn’t dig the Canidae, but what he does love is Rabbit Poop. He still likes his crate, hopefully that doesn’t change. He also likes something in the concrete under my desk (there’s nothing there), must have been at some time.

Noah and Isaac ended up at odds this evening, right cheek (no not Isaac’s). Noah picked him up and was carrying him up by his face (after also laying on the floor yesterday and letting Isaac wrestle with him nipping at hair and ears, maybe it will be a life lesson to listen to me, probably not). Noah’s got a new set of rules and Isaac gets to drag a leash.

Sitz with Bethany at the table and Stella in the living room, consistently.

‘Look’ = eye contact is good if I’m sitting and there are not too many distractions (Stella, B, and Noah were at the kitchen table).

‘Leave it’ is a little better than Platz, but rabbit poo must be a strong drug. If I could use it to start him foot step tracking he’d be able to find the ark of the covenant!

Platz NOT (working that in isolation still)!

Toss it and bring it back is getting better, though he’s not too speedy on the go and get it yet. Maybe I should start tossing rabbit poop.

Posted 9 Week photos (go to Pages –> Image Gallery on the right sidebar)

Some Progress

Well today is Isaac’s nine week birthday and he’s reached a couple of milestones.

  • Has Sitz going for him now
  • Walks on the leash (even away from the house now, he was hesitant to leave for awhile)
  • Hasn’t eaten anything in the house (except his food) The wife pointed out an earlier post where I mentioned he nibbled on the $1,000 Pottery Barn rug, she was concerned about accuracy. Not sure why since she claims no one reads this anyway…..
  • Still only 3 house breaking accidents since he came home
  • Working on Platz
  • Also working on eye contact (look)
  • Went and saw Tucker (Golden on the corner) twice this weekend, met Riley Friday night
  • Went to soccer last night and got some attention from a freaky kid (did fine). Saw a spazz dog there as well, ignored him even though he was 10 feet from us. Slight interest but no fear or obsessed need to visit (eventually just laid down and went to sleep).
  • Still doing well being happy and quiet in the crate

Didn’t make it out to Marengo to train this past weekend and probably won’t make it next weekend either (soccer tournament). Will try and post some new pictures once I find the digital camera.

Green ear and brown treats

Lest you think that Isaac is oh so adorable check this image out./

This is after picking up on Sunday, for a dog that eats off the floor and not from a bowl he sure poops and a lot. Marissa called me at work today to make sure nothing was wrong with him, “since he is pooing so much without having eating anything”….if poo was oil gas would be cheap!

Switched from Canidae back to Royal Canin, he really digs the Royal Canin even though the ‘experts’ claim it’s not so hot. He was cherry picking the Royal Canin out of the mix when I tried to transition him.

Luring a down and getting a sit without luring. Doesn’t dig leaving home with the leash….some progress. Still working two balls in the dog room and some tugging on the puppy leather.

Doesn’t like the lawn mower too terribly much! Got some of the ink out….it’s still “green ear” for short though…

No major issues

Marissa stayed with Isaac today and he behave quite well, he seems to be fairly exhausted. Glory and Guss came over for a visit this evening and I think that helped wear him out.

This morning while Noah was watching him (so he claims) Isaac discovered the edge of the Pottery Barn carpet in the living room. Luckily it was nothing a few snips from the scissors couldn’t fix. Also unless it’s hiding somewhere there were not accidents in the house.

A little time was spent with ’sit’ (still Luring) and with walking on the leash.

One interested anomaly is that Isaac has decided he doesn’t eat food from the bowl (no it’s not that his tag is scaring him)….he’s determined that his food should be dumped on the floor and eaten in that manner. Haven’t quite figured that one out. Kerry claims he doesn’t like the Canidae…yet he loves it on the floor.

Went out last night at 12:30 and then again at of the night was spent quietly in his crate.

Worked a little with the balls this evening as well….

8 Weeks old

Isaac seems to have decided that it’s his birthday and he’ll cry if he wants to. He was fine in the crate all day, once I left for soccer Marissa claims he wasn’t too happy about it.

Noah and I played a little ball with him, he got some dinner, and relieved himself and now he’s been at it for about 15 minutes. We’ll see how long he keeps it up…no where near as loud as on the trip to his new house!

In the time it took to compose this post and upload the picture he has stopped (not too bad).

Long day!

Isaac didn’t like the rain, I was watching Brodie and Paul (they don’t like the rain either). Kerry reported that he defecated in the living room, because he wouldn’t go in the rain.

She tried to let him sleep in bed at 4:00 AM so she could get a little extra sleep and he just wanted to chew on her. He ended up in the crate with a pig ear.

Isaac finally took a dump on the porch (no rain there). Marissa dragged him down the street to the vacant lot and he ended up scurrying under a tree to hide. He got a little squirt out in the kitchen, but I caught him and he finished outside.

Spent the majority of the day running around playing with stuffed toys and bugging Stella.

Worked with the ball in his room, did some on leash walking, charged the clicker and did some luring with sit.

Went and saw Guss, Glory, and Ric’s moms dog…he was fine (Guss was grumpy). He slept in the crate and only had to go out once in the middle of the night and got up at 5:30 or something like that.

Elvis Costelo and The Police

Worked on tiring him out before the concert….sounds like he kept Marissa up until 10:30 PM. He doesn’t like his Kennel in the backyard. Purchased some pig ears and an ID tag.

Met the in-laws and Marissa

Isaac got to meet the in-laws and Marissa. Stella was not too happy that Marissa was giving attention to Stella.

Stella seems to put up a big front with barking and whining when ‘attacking’ Isaac. Seems to put him in his place for about 30 seconds.

This was the first night he slept in the crate we have in our room. He seems to be getting better adjusted to the crate.