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Isaac had a stick (Magic stick) 15 of 30

Did some clicker platz & he started to offer the FUSS while there was some down time and I was walking around, so I clicked and rewarded. Did some pivots & short straight lines. (used the new clicker)

Got some very good play out of him with the stick, really into it. I banged on his side. Bill suggested a ball but I wonder about hoses or jute (doens’t like the gappy rolls). With the ball he tends to grab the string or webbing. It seems to be more the struggle he like as long as it’s something he comfortable in his mouth.

Need to start using Fuss –> Look –> Yes –> Click –> food –> FreeĀ  (use a stiiit for no, try again ..under breath)

Also need to get correction –> back to drive idea/timing before I need to start using is (keep that in my noodle).

PM Session was good! Really had his attention and got some good play out of him with the KONG, he was way into it. Did Platz and Giblaut with sitting at attention thrown it.

Feed him 1/2 his daily food in the basement from hand for barking and platz.

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