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13th of 30 here is what someone who knows something said in response to the video of his OB

Watched this, it looks really nice…one thing to think about, when you’re pivoting, sometimes click and reward when you have focus during the pivot. If you always wait to reward once you’ve stopped & he’s made the sit, then he has the freedom to duck his head or get distracted while you’re moving, b/c he knows the reward comes once he sits and gives focus. You may have to lure him a bit at the beginning to get the consistent focus while you’re pivoting, but do it a few times, and I think he will understand you want focus from the sit in the basic position, thru the pivot and into the sit again in the basic position.

Since I don’t have permission I won’t mention the source, but they are smart and I guarantee they are right.

Did what was suggested in the next session and it worked, imagine that. Had a crappy play session afterwords. Might of had to do with my lack of coordination with the new feeding thru the turn.

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