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Trip to ICSC

OB with hot dogs (Jen said god full attention, Bill says I don’t have his attention 100% and some other comments Documented offline)

  • Wouldn’t play at all, even Jen seemed to have a hard time getting him going. Prey drive still & issue.
  • Kept his attention through pivot (feeding in the middle) 14th of 30
  • Jen suggested I change clickers, easier to manage with leash and food
  • Jen said I could mix in sitz and platz while working on fuss
  • Fuss – Look – yes – Click Free (add a stiiit)


  • Hesitant @ first again (no barking) Bill doesn’t want to pressure him, he is maturing slow (Bill might use another description)
  • He does the hold & carry, but I noticed he drops it as soon as he face the helper. After he gets his grip and slip on the toy he seems to go back to the helper
  • Carried to car & held on even while Denise was there at her car

Need to get as much of the play as I can out of him. Milk as much as possible since he seems low in ball drive.

Overall he is is doing better in the OB and seems to slowly be getting a tad more used to the helper, though still not completely sure until Bill really trys to engage him.

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