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Noah’s and Isaac are progressing me not so much

Noah spent two days observing and working as a helper for a total of 3 dogs. Isaac got some time on the sleeve, barked from the car, and you can see after 3 years the light bulb has come on! Since he’s actually barking and striking in a somewhat competent manner I suppose now it’s my turn to sh*t or get off the pot. I’ve stepped back to getting him to hold the dumbbell (starting with clicker and dowel rod), have kept up on his obedience (minus the jumps), and stopped tracking in the spring.  Will I jump back in or not? SchH 1 or not – if I do I don’t want it to be as sketchy as the BH rolling over as the judge gives your critique is a little too much fun.

Here’s a pic of Noah driving Abbie – by day two he had got a handle on it – (thanks @gsdayla for posting)

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