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Isaac vom Geistwasser BH H.O.T

Isaac is now Isaac vom Geistwasser BH H.O.T – for those non-schutzhund people below in BLUE is the skinny on the BH.

Isaac and I attended the North Central Region Championships hosted by Fox Valley Police & Schutzhund Club which was judged by Frank Phillips, USA. Isaac and I were very late entries due to unforeseen circumstances and I was a little (understatement) nervous showing at a regional event - FVPSC members and spectators were gracious and supportive, they even had to bring out a dummy dog because there were only 3 BH entries and I drew 3rd.

Below is an article that was posted where our performance  got a mention -

Chris Duffey also handled a German Shepherd that was feeling spunky but remembered his manners to successfully complete the routine, doing a nice job of it.

Chris Duffey, Isaac vom Geistwasser BH H.O.T and USA Judge Frank Philips

Isaac got a nice medallion for passing the test -

Noah attended the event – though he had to hide during the OB portion of the test because Isaac likes him better than me. Once Noah stepped to the fence to listen to the critique Isaac got a little “spunky” which is code for acted like Marmaduke! I suppose that’s better than biting the judge when he checks a tattoo (which I had memorized, but didn’t need to rattle off).

Here is video of the Obedience portion of the BH – If you’re interested in comparing Isaac and me to what a 97 Point SchH3 OB Phase at last years Regionals looked like click here.

BH or Begleithund (Companion Dog)

For those in the sport it’s kind of trivial after owning and titling a couple dogs, for your first dog and for people that just own ‘pets’ it’s a lot of time/work and nerve racking because it’s the first time your dog will be evaluated by a judge (and not on how he/she looks).

The test was developed as a preliminary character evaluation. It is designed to keep aggressive, sharp, shy, or nervous dogs from participating in the sport. It’s not a title as much as a preliminary requirement to make sure your beast can suitably compete in trials for actual titles like SchH I, SchH II, SchH III and so on. You won’t see BH listed after dogs like you do SchH III because it’s not a title – but I’m throwing standards out the window and putting it there for this post.

It’s composed of 5  separate exercises and a traffic test (the exercises run together, but are scored separately – watch the video)

Heeling on Leash       15 points

Off Leash Heeling      15 points

Sit from Motion        10 points

Down from Motion   10 points

Long down                 10 points

There are a Total 60 Points and 70% required to pass (42 Points) – though a score is not given it’s PASS/FAIL though the judge provides a critique of the Obedience exercises. The traffic portion varies but consists of cars/bikes/joggers passing the dog and making sure the dog is stable and neutral. You also have to tie your dog out, go out of sight and another neutral dog is walked past your dog to make sure they aren’t dog aggressive (should be neutral).

Here’s the article where we got a mention (I see us in Schutzhund USA as qualifying for the Nationals in Reno – They do BHs right)

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