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It’s Been awhile

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted updates with regards to training – so here we go. I will be going to Wisconsin this weekend to attend the North Central Regional Championships where I hope to get Isaac his BH. I had hoped to do his BH at the ICSC trial a couple of weeks ago, but Kerry getting labyrinthitis kind of hosed that plan. Though I’m thankful they are doing BHs at Regionals and I’ll have the opportunity to get it out of the way – It really wasn’t my venue of choice to be showcasing our skills! Maybe all the attendees will be busy with other things as I walk down the field like a drunken sailor.

Took a link out of the pinch today – When I worked Isaac at lunch today it seemed a lot better than last night which was encouraging, but isn’t quite this yet.

I had purposely taken Isaac to a completely new field at a random hour (skeet field at gun club at 10:30 PM) to see how he’d respond. I’m probably not going to have the opportunity to practice with Isaac @ the field in WI.

After Dinner/Soccer/Cleaning up Garage I’m am going to type out the BH pattern/steps once more to make sure I am clear on the check-in, OB routine, long down, and group exercises. My biggest fear is me hosing the pattern – Isaac is as ready as he’s going to get at this point – now it’s just me knowing what to do and when – OH and WALKING in a STRAIGHT line.

Notes for BH Pattern

  • Heel dog to Judge (posture for left position)
  • Hello Chris Duffey reporting with Isaac for OB portion of BH (GEI08I1)
  • Begin heeling pattern (on loose lead in left hand – clipped on the dead ring of fur saver)
  • 50 paces straight down field
  • ABOUT turn
  • 12 paces NORMAL –> 12 Paces FAST –>12 Paces SLOW
  • 12 paces NORMAL back close to starting point
  • RIGHT turn –> 15 paces RIGHT turn
  • 15 paces –> ABOUT Turn
  • 5 Paces HALT
  • Enter group (not @ Angle – do a proper turn into the group)
  • Full FIGURE 8 –> HALT
  • Walk out of group – stay square with field and HALT –> remove lead  –> put the lead away
  • Enter group (not @ Angle – do a proper turn into the group)
  • After HALT heel back to starting position
  • 10 paces SIT IN MOTION (walk 30 paces away) Return to dog when judge acknowledges
  • 10 paces DOWN IN MOTION (walk 30 paces away)
  • Upon Signal from judge RECALL dog – wait for judge – attain BASIC POSITION

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